Wordcount Wednesday

Okay, everyone, I admit it. I am a terrible blogger. Time seems to have taken one look at my plans for this year and laughed.

I am seriously far behind in my writing at this point. Chances of me actually making my New Years goals this year are probably slim to none at this point. With luck, I might manage to get two of the goals done.

The novella’s major edit was not completed by Valentines day as I had hoped. It actually just went out to the beta readers today. *groan*
As soon as the draft is returned to my desk I will begin formatting and dividing it into proper chapters. After that, publishing won’t be far away. The cover is already finished and I’m hoping that this one might even be my first paperback release (no promises yet though!)
In the meantime, I need to start thinking of a good back cover blurb.

I spent a little bit of time on Midnight Dancer over the last month and made some major changes to chapter 1, with a lot more to go. I’m thinking the opening section of the book is going to need a complete revision. It’s a bit weak. As of now, I’ve cut out around a thousand words and added somewhere around four thousand more, bringing the current total up to 70,321.

And keep your eyes open, Shadowsong will be free this Easter!


Wordcount Wednesday