Wordcount Wednesday

Wordcount Wednesday

Wow, has it really been a month since I last posted? Time is really getting away from me these days.

I am already falling a bit behind on my goals this year, but I have time to catch back up. Hopefully I can kick my brain into gear and get back on track. I seem to be spending more time focusing on awesome ideas for future books rather than what i’m supposed to be working on!

The novella is coming along fairly smoothly. The re-write is complete and I’m a little over halfway through the first major edit. I hope to have it completed and handed over to my two beta readers before Valentine’s Day. The word count is currently about 25200 words. A 4,677 word increase since my last post.

I haven’t really done a great deal with Midnight and Tower lately. I’ve written a couple of scenes and set them aside to paste into the main draft later, but mostly i’m just letting the ideas percolate and psyching myself up to dive back in just as soon as the novella is finished.