Wordcount Wednesday

Wordcount Wednesday and Goals for the New Year

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. Like most of us, I end up breaking them in no time flat. However, this year I have decided to set some writing goals and see if I can actually make them. It’s a tough order, But here’s hoping.

Goal 1. Finish and publish the unnamed novella. I’ve added 5,532 words since I last posted and am in the home stretch of the re-write. I still have quite a way to go before it is ready for publication, but i’m hoping to possibly see it out within the next six months – barring any complications.

Goal 2. Re-write Midnight Dancer. There have been a lot of changes made to this story since I finished the rough draft last year. One character in particular has suddenly shown a hidden side I had never seen before, or even guessed about! Now I have to figure out how to write it all in, but I do believe that though the story has turned a bit darker, the new depth and emotion will make it that much better. 254 words added since last post.

Goal 3. Finish the rough draft of Perilous Tower. I want to have this one ready for editing by 2018. Tower has the potential to be one of the best books in the series, but I’m having a terrible time getting the characters to speak to me, Especially my lead character, and that is not a good thing! So for right now I’m focusing on the first two of my goals and giving this one a bit of space. Hopefully they will start talking back to me soon. On the upside, I still managed to add another 561 words to the main draft plus 772 words to a partial new scene I haven’t added in yet.

Goal 4. If I have the time, I hope to finish the re-write of a sweet Christmas short story related to the unnamed novella mentioned under Goal 1, and maybe get it published by This coming Christmas.

Wow, this is going to be one mighty tall order. But with the Lord’s help, I hope to make it.

Happy 2017 everyone!