Wordcount Wednesday:

Wordcount Wednesday

I am now close to midway through the extensive re-write of my book, Midnight Dancer. I added several new scenes and began delving into a new sub-plot. The fun part? It now is gaining a few steampunk elements that I totally was not expecting!
Unfortunately I had to delete well over a thousand words so my word count for this week isn’t nearly so impressive.

The final count this week is 31, 674 words, which means I did at least manage to add 3,506 words to the manuscript.

I also wrote 464 words of the beginning of a sequel to Dancer, as well a a few scene snippets. I can’t wait to really get started on that one. But it’s going to have to hold on for now.

And on another note, my short story Shadowsong is currently tied up in edits. Once my editor finally gets back to me with the changes I shall begin the battle with formatting.



Wordcount Wednesday

Wordcount Wednesday

I am happy to report a good amount of progress happening with Midnight Dancer. I restarted back at the beginning of the book and am diving into rather extensive rewrites, including adding an entirely new subplot.

After all of the cutting and trimming, I still managed to add 4,142 words to the first draft this week! That’s a pretty decent number for me. As of today the word count sits at 28,168 words!

Wednesday Wordcount

Wednesday Wordcount

This week I took my first steps into the world of blogging, and I’m still trying to get my feet under me.

As of today the word count for Midnight Dancer is 24,026, with 1282 words written today. That’s a new record for me! I usually average between 2-400 words per day.

The bad news is, after a serious brainstorm I have come to realize that some major changes are in order. I’m going to have to go back to the beginning, cut a few thousand words out, and do some serious re-writing. but I do believe it will all be worth it in the end.

The good news? Shadowsong has come back from one of my beta readers who had good things to say about it. As soon as the last reader gets back to me I’ll be getting serious about formatting.

First blog post

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!

I’ve never blogged before so I hope you all will bear with me while I get used to this!

I am an aspiring homeschool graduate author who is currently working on preparations for the self-publication of my first short story: Shadowsong. 

Here I hope to post reviews and interviews of some of my favorite books and authors as well as occasional updates about my own writing. I may even add occasional craft projects and videos If I can figure out how to get this thing to work! (I’m not very computer literate.).

Thank you so much for stopping by!